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Exterior wall coating removal

If you are considering stripping off an exterior textured wall coating from the walls of your home. You may be wondering how good the results may be, and what the render, stone or bricks will be like under the paint. You may also be worried as to how much removing your paint and the masonry cleaning is going to cost. It can be difficult or impossible to provide estimates as to how much paint removal will cost or if the wall coating can be removed at all. Without actually trying out some cleaning methods we are unable to indicate what the walls will look like or how easy or hard it will be to remove any textured wall paint finish. We often find other paint or bitumen tar layers under some external textured finishes or hard cement slurry mixes. 

Exterior wall coating finishes respond differently to certain chemicals and removal methods, some better than others.

Rather than leaving homeowners at risk of escalating labour charges and unsure as to how the walls will look after cleaning TCR offer a trial area removal survey.

Our specialist team arrive on site with the equipment and materials to carry out some trail areas of coating or cladding removal. A bit like “try before you buy”. After the survey, we are then able to provide written specifications and costs for the removal of the wall coating and scaffold if required and also any other work that may be required such as limewashing, lime render, pointing or brick-stone acid wash cleaning.

Before committing to any work everyone involved can evaluate the results of the test patch cleaning process.

Once the textured coating or paint has been cleaned off, we are able to examine the general condition of the stone or brick and the pointing. We are happy to provide solutions and wall finish options for walls that will not restore back to the original condition. Wall finishes such as breathable lime or silicate paints can be specified. For homeowners who really must have that stone or brick finish back on their home, we can re-face walls with real brick or stone slips, bonded and pointed with breathable lime-based adhesives and mortars.

To cover our costs we have to make a reasonable charge for this test patch survey

* The charge for the test patch survey is calculated and based on the location of the property, the type of paint or coating, and the size of the project.

Please contact us for a test patch survey quotation.