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Removing textured wall coating and paint from brick or stone can be a difficult task.

TCR has many years of experience and the specialist equipment to make removing textured coating and paint possible. Using our hot water and paint stripper methods protects the wall surface much more than harsh grit blasting methods that can damage brick and stone.

Using a range of chemicals we are able to remove even the most stubborn types of coating and paint layers such as spray textured coating, trowel applied plastic coatings, bitumen tar and most common masonry paints. The chemicals we use are for professional use only. Some are applied as a poultice and encapsulated in a film of plastic to aid the softening action. During the cleaning process, windows and glass are masked and protected. After our chemicals dissolve the paint layers we scrape and bag the paint residue. The walls are then hot water jetted to remove any paint or coating traces

Brick and stone cleaning

After cleaning paint finishes or thick wall coating off walls, we can acid clean brick or stone, removing years of pollution with a range of strong brick acid washes. You will be amazed at how clean we can get stone or brick.Adjusting the strength of the cleaning acid and the number of cleaning cycles means we are able to determine the level of the cleaning action. This also allows us to influence the results from a light clean to a full “as built” clean

What if the brick or stone won’t restore to a good standard, for instance, the walls may have been patched up before with mismatched bricks and don’t look good?

You will be happy to know we offer a full restoration service

Specifications for lime or cement pointing. New breathable renders or wall coatings, real brick cladding, using sliced down re-claimed bricks if required 

If you are fed up with looking at unattractive paint or thick textured paint or render on your home and are wondering if it can be removed and given a facelift, why not get in touch with us?

Read about our test patch survey which involves testing our paint removers on your walls.