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Cleaning thick textured paint-cement from bricks

Here you can see how we remove the thick textured coating from bricks and the general brick cleaning process. This lovely red brick house was sprayed with plastic-type textured paint. The new homeowners can finally recover their original brickwork the removal of the...

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Brick Cladding

A Brick Cladding Solution to damaging Textured Coating Here we remove textured spray paint from the soft brickwork of this late Victorian house in the Maidenhead area. Once we removed the wall spray coating the only solution to cure the damp and spalling...

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Brick Cleaning paint removal & pointing

Brick cleaning with paint stripper Quite often we get asked what is the best Paint Stripper to use on my bricks? The answer is you just don't know until you have a go with a few different types of paint remover. Some paint finishes can be hard to remove with paint...

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Cleaning Paint Removal

Cleaning paint from concrete block walls & acid cleaning to the stone boundary walls. Here we cleaned the paint off the walls on this flat complex in a select, residential area of Leeds. The management firm originally contacted us for energy performance certificates...

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Exterior Wall Coating Removal Test Patch Survey

Test Patch Survey Hot Water Jetting Exterior wall coating removal If you are considering stripping off an exterior textured wall coating from the walls of your home. You may be wondering how good the results may be, and what the render, stone or bricks will be like...

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It is not just Brick Cleaning that we do This is just a small sample from some of our projects.TCR has a full wall coating and wall restoration service. See our main wall renovation and surveying site below