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Brick cleaning with paint stripper

Quite often we get asked what is the best Paint Stripper to use on my bricks? The answer is you just don’t know until you have a go with a few different types of paint remover. Some paint finishes can be hard to remove with paint strippers and do not respond to the paint removers at all. Grit or sandblasting can be too abrasive on some brick and stonework and can cause damage.

The new homeowners of this detached brick house did not like the look of the red brick painted house. They wondered why someone would paint a real brick house in a brick red colour. Perfectly good imperial bricks were painted in a red epoxy floor paint, this paint was well adhered. The homeowners accepted our advice against using a firm for sandblasting the walls to remove the paint, as the bricks could suffer from damage such as pitting which would spoil the finish. A brick paint stripper remover was used to clean this house in addition to strong brick acid and hot water jetting 

The bricks were in a good condition, chemically and hot washing methods were used to remove the paint layers. Getting back to the original brickwork took some time and effort. Once the paint had been cleaned off and removed, The brickwork was cleaned further with a brick acid wash. This cleaning process was repeated twice. The brick acid removed the soot and dirt soiling which was a major problem before the 1956 clean air act. After cleaning the brickwork, it was re-pointed using injection mortar light grey in colour. This special injection brick grout is available in five different colours.